2018 San Bruno AYSO
Turkey Tournament

1.     RULES: Unless otherwise noted, the current AYSO National Rules and Regulations and FIFA Laws of the Game will be used for this tournament. The following rules are intended specifically for this tournament.

2.     JURISDICTION: The Tournament Committee (incl. Tournament Director(s), Assistant Director(s), Field Director, Referee Director and other designated staff) will have jurisdiction over all games played. Disputes will be resolved quickly or at latest by the end of the soccer day.
Referee judgment calls are NOT subject to dispute or protest
(Whenever the term “Tournament Director(s)” is used, it shall also be interpreted to mean “or in his/her absence, a designated representative”)

3.     FEES: Entry fee must accompany tournament application and will be returned if application is not accepted.
Checks must be issued from the respective Region’s account (no personal checks).

4.     ACCEPTANCE: Teams withdrawing by 30 days prior to start will be issued a full refund; after that, teams withdrawing will only be issued a refund if a replacement team can be found.  Should the tournament be cancelled and cannot be rescheduled, refunds will be issued according to the Tournament Refund and Cancellation Policy.


a.        A minimum of seven (7) Players constitute a team for 14U (play 11v11). A minimum of six (6) players constitutes a team for 12U (play 9 v 9). A minimum of five (5) players constitutes a team for 10U (play 7-v-7).

b.        The Maximum number of players on a team shall be as follows:  fifteen (15) players for 14U, twelve (12) players for 12U, ten (10) players for 10U teams.

c.        Home team shall change jerseys or wear pennies (of different color) when a color conflict arises. The first team listed on the schedule will be designated as the home team.

d.        Teams and coaches must be on the opposite side of the field from the spectators.

e.        Only players and coaches are allowed on the field. All others shall remain at least three (3) feet away from the touchlines and away from the area behind the goal lines.

f.   Properly completed line-up cards, which will be supplied by the tournament, shall be presented to the field marshal prior to the start of each game and shall include the names of all players, present or not, and an explanation for those players who are not in attendance at the game.

g.        All players must play at least half of each game, but teams are encouraged to play all players 3 quarters before anyone plays 4.

h.        Teams must check in Friday, one week prior at the location provided by tournament registrar.  Players on participating teams must be registered to play in AYSO 2018 fall season. Roster must be verified and approved by each player’s Regional Commissioner and accompany AYSO player and coach passes to registrar during check-in.  Each coach or team representative must provide AYSO Player Registration forms with original ink signatures or e-signature for verification by tournament officials. At game time, each coach must have these Player Registration forms ready for presentation to Tournament Officials or their players will not play. 

i.   Each Player on the team shall wear a shirt with a different number and may not exchange it with another player for the duration of the tournament games.  Shirt must have AYSO logo only and shorts must be team issued.

j.   Teams, players, coaches and supporters will be expected to display outstanding sportsmanship at all times.  Violation of these player rules exposes a team to protest and renders them subject to forfeiture of game and possible disqualification at the discretion of the Tournament Director(s).

6.     COACHES

a.        Coaches (Maximum of 2) must be currently registered as a 2018 volunteer, Safe-Haven certified, CDC certified, and have age appropriate coach certification for the age division they will be bringing to the tournament, all of which should be listed on official roster, and they must have their AYSO Coach Pass with identification number.

b.        Coaches shall remain on their own side of the field and are restricted to the area ten (10) yards from either side of the halfway line. Coaches and substitute players shall allow enough room for the Assistant Referees to carry out their designated duties.

c. Coaches shall conduct themselves in a manner becoming of members of AYSO.

d.        Coaches, at all times, should encourage clean competition and good sportsmanship.

e.        Coaches shall enforce the Rules & Regulations of the Tournament.

f.   Coaches shall participate in positive coaching that instructs and encourages players during games. Negative comments and complaints about either the players or referees will not be permitted and may result in coach ejection from the game.

g.Coaches are responsible for their parents’ and fans’ conduct.


a.        Each team in the tournament will provide a crew of 3 referees. These referees will be assigned up to 3 games, based on their qualifications.  Coaches, players and parents in the tournament will not be allowed to referee in their own division unless approved by Referee Administrator. Youth referees must carry a letter of certification from their Regional Referee Administrator along with a Youth Volunteer form and be prepared to present it to any Tournament Official upon request.

b.        Referees and Assistant Referees shall self-assign on the referee scheduling site, with approval from the Referee Administrator.

c.        All games shall be officiated by a diagonal system of control (one referee and two assistant referees). If three referees are not available for the games, then club linespersons will be used.

d.        All referees should be of the highest caliber possible and each referee must be AYSO trained and certified with current season volunteer form completed.

e.        Referees shall, at all times, impose the Rules & Regulations of competition as defined by AYSO, the FIFA Laws of the Game and the Turkey Tournament Rules.

f.   Field Marshals (NOT REFEREES) are required to verify AYSO player I.D. cards for all eligible players and coaches prior to the start of each game.

g.        Properly completed game cards must be returned to the Field Marshals immediately after each game.

h.        Referees must file a formal written report for abusive language used by coaches, players or spectators toward them, and any behavior which interfered with the conduct of the game or resulted in a Red Card.

i.   Referees are expected to check in and record the team they are representing for referee deposit credit at the Field Marshal Tent at least 30 minutes prior to their assigned game. Failure to appear on time may result in a replacement referee crew being assigned. Once a replacement crew has been assigned, they will have priority and the original crew must report to the Referee station for alternative assignment.  Missing a pre-assigned game will jeopardize the team’s referee deposit.

8.     GAMES

a.        All games will be played on fields and times designated by the Tournament Director(s).

b.        Three tournament provided balls will be used in age appropriate sizes: 14U – Size 5; 12U – Size 4; 10U – Size 4

c.        The referee’s acceptance of the game ball is final and may not be questioned.

d.        Duration of Games: All divisions will play two twenty (20) minute halves, running clock (no stoppage for substitutions). 12U and 14U Championship games will have two twenty-five (25) minute halves, all 10U games 20-minute halves.

e.        SUSPENDED GAMES: The Tournament Director(s) may determine to end matches early if field schedule is behind due to game delays, interference, or if weather conditions provide unsafe conditions; and may distribute awards according to games played and points. The Tournament will determine the outcome of any single game which is terminated prematurely (due to inclement weather, participant injury, or interference by outside party, etc.).  Rainouts will not be made up. If preliminary play is suspended for whatever reason, the Tournament Director(s) will decide advancement to championship play.

f.   Failure of a team to be ready at kick-off time shall constitute a forfeiture after a 10-minute discretion period is given by the Field Marshal and that team shall lose by a score of 1 – 0. The winning team will be credited with seven (7) points. The forfeiture will also be counted as a game played for the winning team.

g.        Teams must be given rest period of one hour between games.  The rest period will commence when a team’s match ends and will end when the team’s subsequent match begins.

h.        No slide tackles in 10U. No headers in 10U or 12U.  If play is stopped by referee for a warning on either of these infractions, restart will be an indirect free kick, if inside penalty area, kick will be taken from penalty area line.

i. No goalkeeper punts in 10U. Build-Out Line rules apply for 10U.


a.        Every team will be scheduled to play a minimum of three (3) games. A minimum of two (2) on Saturday. After play is completed on Saturday, points will be figured and games for Sunday will be posted by 8PM Saturday night for coaches, players and parents on the San Bruno Turkey Tournament web page:  GotSoccer,com

b.        Sunday play will consist of single elimination; the team with the highest possible point total on Saturday will be seeded number one and they may have a bye in the first round. The championship and consolation games on Sunday will consist of two (2) twenty-five-minute halves (10U is 20 minutes). The team with the highest point total from Saturday’s play will be the home team in the elimination rounds.

c.        After play on Saturday teams will be seeded for play on Sunday. Saturday play is for seeding only and points are not carried forward.

d.        After play on Sunday morning, the four teams with the most points from Sunday morning play will advance to the semifinals unless schedule indicates differently. See tournaments rules for ties.

e.        Points: Points are as follows:  six (6) points for a win, three (3) points for a tie, one (1) point for a shutout, one (1) point for each goal (maximum three points), minus one (-1) for each ejection (red card), (-1) for winning a game by more than 5 goals, with a maximum of ten (10) points for any game.

f.   If a tie (in points) exists after regulation play Saturday, the following “tie-breakers” will be used to set seeding for Sunday morning games:

             1. Head to head competition

             2. Least number of goals allowed in tournament play

             3. Most goals scored in tournament play not violating rule 9e.

          4. Sportsmanship- Least number of yellow cards

             5. Coin flip by Tournament Director(s) or representative

g.        At the end of regulation play, all previous points are canceled.

h.        Sunday morning elimination games: All games ending in a tie will go directly to KFM (Kicks from the Mark) as per FIFA Laws of the Game.


a.        Substitution of players will be allowed approximately mid-way through each half for all divisions. Each player must participate (play) a minimum of two (2) quarters, or one-half, of each game.

b.        If a team fails to play a player for at least one half of the game, a forfeit will be declared and, the team shall lose by a score of one (1) to zero (0), or the existing game score whichever one is the greatest. The only exception to this rule will be for an injured player who has been properly reported to the Center Referee and/or Field Marshal before the start of play, or a player who has been injured during the course of the current game.

c.        There are NO substitution restrictions with respect to player positions, including goalkeeper.

d.        All substitutions must be approved and recognized by the referee. Substitutions may be made for injured players; however, they may not return until the beginning of the next quarter and will be considered as having played the current quarter (exception: an injured player not replaced may return to play at any time with the referee’s permission). Substitutions in all overtime periods of medal round matches will take place at the beginning of the period only.


     Championship and consolation games that are tied at the end of regulation play will consist of two (2) five-minute periods. At the end of overtime, if the score is still tied, KFM will be used, as per FIFA Laws of the Game. Each team will take five penalty kicks at the same goal alternately with each taken by a different player. If the teams are still tied at the end of the first series of five penalty kicks, additional penalty kicks will be taken by alternate pairs of team players until one team has scored more goals than the other (sudden death) at which time the team with the greater number of goals will be declared the winner.


a.        All players (red carded) and coach ejections must be reported to the Tournament Director(s) by the game referee immediately after the game.

b.        The penalty for a red carded player shall be a minimum one (1) game suspension (the following played game), unless otherwise specified by the Tournament Committee. A coach sent from the field will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

c.        Stronger penalties may be imposed depending on the circumstances

d.        Penalties may not be appealed.


All protests must be presented in writing to the Tournament Director(s) within 1/2 hour of the completion of the game.

The Tournament Director(s) shall make the final decision as to disposition of the protest regarding:

a.        Protests regarding the eligibility of a player

b   One or more registered player(s), present and in uniform, has not played the required one half of the game (except for illness or injury as recorded by the game referee).


If the protest is affirmed, the loss will be recorded as a score of one (1) to zero (0) or the existing game score, whichever one is the greatest.

14.    CONDUCT

a.        Coaches will be expected to set a positive example for the team and will be held responsible for the actions of their team including spectators. All spectators must remain behind the control line and between the 18-yard lines.

b.        At the conclusion of each match, the referees will indicate on the reverse of the game cards any point deductions for poor sportsmanship.

c.        Any coach or spectator ejected must immediately leave the field and will be prohibited from attending the next scheduled game. Any player sent off (red carded) must immediately retire to the team area (under supervision of a Safe Haven certified adult) and may not play in the next game. Any violent conduct red card or ejection may result in the player/coach/spectator being expelled from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Director(s). All conduct problems will be reported to the respective Regional Commissioner. All Serious Incidents will be reported to the respective Regional Commissioner as well as Area, Section and AYSO National Office parties.


e.        In the event of rain, it will be the responsibility of the coach to call the hotline (650-873-AYSO #2) or check the tournament web page, www.ayso249.org on field closures.

f.         Dogs and other pets are NOT permitted on or around the field of play.


     The Tournament Director may disqualify any team, at any point in the Tournament, if that team refuses to abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Tournament.


     Any injury to a participant, or damage caused by a participant, must be reported to the Field Marshal so that an accident report form can be completed and reported to the Tournament Director or Safety Director.


a.        In the event the tournament is canceled, due to unforeseen circumstances, teams will be refunded their fee.

b.        Any team requesting a refund prior to 30 days before the tournament will receive a full refund. If team withdraws less than 30 days before the tournament, a refund will be given if the team is replaced.



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