To become a Coach, email your Name and Contact Information to the
Coach Administrator or call (650)873-AYSO[2976] or Division Coordinator on the Board Members page.

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Preregister for Clinics at: Eayso

On-Line Training at

August 19, 2015 7-8PM - Mandatory U6 thru U10 Coaches Mtg Crestmoor Field

August 20, 2015 7-8PM - Mandatory U12/U14 Coaches Mtg Crestmoor Field

Area Coach Meetings

August 22, 2015 6:30-9pm - Mandatory Area Coaches Mtg San Bruno Rec Center

Section Coach Meetings

8/12/2015   Checutti Room, 450 Poplar Avenue, Millbrae, CA 94030

U6 - U10 Courses

Course Time Date Contact/Email Location
Email Coach Trainer :
U6 / U8 9-10:30AM 8/22/2015 Crestmoor Field
U10 / U12 10AM- 1pm
8/22/2015 Crestmoor Field
U10 5-7PM 9/10/2015 Brisbane
U10 9AM-... 8/29/2015 Milbrae

Special Dates on request, email Division and Date preference to :

Coach Administrator, Division Coordinators or Coach Instructor.

Area 2B Classes


Course Roster # Date Contact/Email Telephone
Email Area Trainer :
U12 Coach       CoachInstructor  

Intermediate Coach 

Course Roster # Date Contact/Email Telephone
Email Area Trainer : John Keefer


Other Areas

Course Roster # Date Contact/Email Telephone
Email Area Trainer :
Intermediate 201500973 9/5/2015 4083649722

Congress Springs Park, Saratoga. Details still TBD. See

Advanced Coach

Area 2/N in Foster City

Course Roster # Date Contact/Email Telephone
Email Coach Administrator or Coach Instructor for information and request.

For Area Clinics, check the Area 2B website at

Golden Gate Camp

For information on Intermediate or Advanced Coach (as well as other AYSO classes) see Section 2 -Golden Gate Camp site.

National Coach

20132 National Coaching Course TBD at Chapman University in Orange, CA

Contact Coach Administrator or Coach Instructor if interested.

See the league calendar for additional training dates.

On-line Safe Haven with AYSO Volunteer ID at


"A good coach is a coach who understands that teaching sportsmanship is an important part of coaching and that it requires a coach to plan how to teach sportsmanship just as he or she would plan for the teaching of various soccer skills, strategies, and laws the game."
John Ouellette, AYSO National Coach

"A good coach needs to be true, honest, hard working, passionate and bring energy to each and every training and game. The players will respect the honest coach. They will believe in a coach who speaks from the heart. Players will follow the example that is set by the effort of the coach. They will respond to the coach's passion and will always remember how that feels. Finally, they will enjoy seeing the joy that the game of soccer brings to your life as you pass it on to theirs."
Sigi Schmid, Head Coach, Los Angeles Galaxy

Coach Commitments
For the fall season, coaches generally commence practice in early August. Official games generally begin after Labor Day and end mid November. AYSO recommends that U6 teams practice once a week and U8 through U19 teams twice a week. There should be two adults present at all practices. One of these adults should be of the same gender as the players (you can recruit a parent of one of the players). Coaches are strongly encouraged to attend AYSO-sponsored classes for tips on running practices, team management, game strategy, etc.

General Information for Coaches
Head Coaches will be assigned or draft their AYSO soccer teams. All coaches must have a Coach Clinic certification for their age division, a Safe Haven Clinic certification, attended a General Meeting and show a picture ID (passport or driver’s license) before they can receive their roster and team equipment. Only Head Coaches will be given a team roster. Coaches who have a Coach Clinic certification for their age division do not have to take the course again. You also only have to complete the Safe Haven class one time.

Coach Clinics/Meetings/Classes
As a coach you are required to complete a Safe Haven class, complete the Coach Clinic appropriate for the age group that you are coaching, and you must attend the General Coaches Meeting. If you have completed the Safe Haven class in a prior year, you do not have to attend again.

We hold coaching clinics for coaches working with specific age groups. These clinics are arranged for coaches of various levels of experience with AYSO. Look for the clinic that fits your experience level with AYSO and/or the age group that you are coaching. Note that if you have not taken any AYSO coaching clinics before, you may need to start with the "new" coaches even if you have lots of experience with other leagues.

U6 / U8 Coach Clinic
This is the beginning level clinic for new coaches or those coaching teams in under-6 and under-8 age divisions. The basics of AYSO philosophy, soccer skills and team management will be covered; we will provide ideas for lots of fun games and soccer skill development drills for the kids.

U10 and U12 Coach Clinics
These clinics will focus on the under-10 and under-12 age divisions. Basic soccer techniques, strategies, games that teach soccer skills and the AYSO philosophy for this age group will be emphasized.

U14 (Intermediate) Coach Clinic
Under 14 clinic which is called Intermediate Clinic: This clinic focuses on technical skill development, beginning tactical skills, team management and the AYSO philosophy for players in the under 12 and under 14 age divisions. Coaches taking this clinic are expected to have previously taken a clinic for new coaches (e.g. U6/U8/U10/U12 clinics). This clinic is 15 hours long and has on field instruction as well as classroom lecture.

Use of fields
Finding an appropriate place for your team to hold a practice can be a difficult thing sometimes. There are often too many teams competing for the small number of fields that are available in San Bruno. Please note that it is important that everyone share what is available. We must all get along together! Please let the fields Coordinator know the location, dates and times of your practices.

Your primary point of contact is your division coordinator, if you have further questions or concerns you can reach the regional coach administrator at (650)873-AYSO ext. 4

Who needs to attend "safe haven"?
All coaches who plan to participate in any AYSO season must take the "Safe Haven" training. Safe Haven is a short (2 hr) overview of child safety and protection issues and AYSO philosophy intended to provide a safe coaching/playing environment. It is also now an insurance requirement under AYSO national policies. Coaches not attending a Safe haven class will not be covered by AYSO's insurance policy. You only have to take this one time, as long as you complete the course.

The Region 249 Coach Administratior is Mike Rodriguez.
You may reach him at: (650)873-AYSO ext


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