2011 Banner Contest Winners

Banner Winners



1st Place               U06G-03              Pink Pirates

2nd Place              U06G-04              Lemonade Girls

3rd Place               U06B-05              Meteorites

4th Place               U06-G01              Geckos

1st Place               U08B-15              Silver Sharks

2nd Place              U08B-12              Green Goblins

3rd Place               U08B-07              Blue Dragons

4th Place               U08G-03              Pink Pandas

1st Place               U10G-01              The Smurfettes

2nd Place              U10G-06              Shamrock Rovers

3rd Place               U10B-14              White Stallions

4th Place               U10B-08              Panthers

1st Place               U12G-03              The Fighting Fuchias

2nd Place              U12G-05              The Her-icanes

3rd Place               U12B-08              San Bruno United



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