Banner Making

Size 4' x 3' or 3' x 4'
Use PVC pip for a sturdy frame.


•  2 - Elbows
•  2 T's
•  4 - 3 ft. lengths of PVC
•  2 - 4 ft. lengths of PVC
•  Poles or rebar pieces for anchoring to the ground
(Don't forget the hammer for game days)

Each Banner must display the sponsor's name in 2 in. (minimum) letters.



Puff paints are not allowed for this as they do not show up well in team photographs.

The banner should display the team name and colors. The materials used in making the banner can be almost anything (be careful) the material needs to be stiff enough to stand up straight. Check the rummage tables at Fabric stores. Lettering may be made out of felt materials or the iron-on type. Check T-shirt shops for iron on letters.

Banners may be recycled. You might consider a removable panel for the sponsors name and/or team name.

Our sponsors are very important to us, as they keep us from selling candy or doing other types of fundraisers. Please support our sponsors.

Traditionally at Soccerfest a banner contest is held and cash prizes are awarded to the winning team.



Banner Contest Rules


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