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In cultural exchange programs, registered AYSO players may participate on a team which: 1.) Travels to a host foreign country;

2.) Host a foreign country's visiting team(s); OR

3.) Travels to & Hosts a foreign country's team.  This endeavor takes place for the dual purpose of playing soccer and learning about different cultures, geographic areas, and making friends through the universal language of soccer. Such programs have been highly successful and rewarding to those participating and should be encouraged. However, because participation in such programs is limited to a small number of participants from the Region, no General Regional Funds may be used to subsidize a Cultural Exchange Team. A Region may use General Regional Funds to cover the Region;s expenses of hosting foreign teams if the competition is part of a Region-hosted tournament or other competition that is open to all Regional players. Special fund-raising to finance such programs in whole or in part is allowed if the purpose is published to the Region's members.

AYSO Cultural Exchange Program in San Bruno Region 249
San Bruno's AYSO Region 249 Cultural Exchange Program has been in existence since 1979. Over the years many Cultural Exchange Teams have traveled to and/or hosted teams from Germany, England, Netherlands, Denmark, and Australia. This program has fostered a first-hand experience for our youth to realize that no matter where a person comes from, a feeling of friendship and understanding does exist. Participating Families are very dedicated to the Cultural Experience. They travel to tournaments, participate in numerous fund raising activities, and host visiting team members in their homes. These home-stays often result in years of continuing correspondence between the two team members. The families that participate in AYSO's Cultural Exchange Program never forget the experiences that have been offered by this program. 

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